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The Howling Sins

22 October
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That's Me!
My name is Chazy and I live in Munich, Bavaria. I'm a TV junkie, mostly mystery shows but I also like comedy and drama.I'm the webmaster of the oldest German 'THE VAMPIRE DIARIES' fansite and spend a lot of my free time with the fangs! ;)

Daily Drugs!!
Supernatural, Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries are my daily drugs. I'm a Dean girl since the beginning of Supernatural. Also a Tyler Lockwood fan, shipping Forwood and actually every good looking girl with him. When it comes to Teen Wolf, I'm a hardcore Sterek shipper. Stiles is my favorite character and along with Derek Hale, just perfect in my eyes! XD

Hobbies and other things!
Photoshop and writing fanfictions are some of my hobbies, when I get the time for it. I also read a lot, totally into 'THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS' and 'MIDNIGHT BRED'. I love Linkin Park and McFly when it comes to music, also R & B and Gothic.